Arunima Group: One of the best manufacturers of cargo pants production in Bangladesh


Arunima Group has been in business for 19 years. The group has got two Ready Made Garments Manufacturing/Final product assembly Units, named Arunima Sportswear Limited and DMC Apparels Limited Arunima Group.

Nabil Bin Faruk, Director, Arunima Group
Photo: Nabil Bin Faruk, Director, Arunima Group

Arunima Sportswear Limited is a knit and woven garments manufacturer with a monthly capacity of producing 1,000,000 pcs of basic knitwear and 800,000 pcs of bare woven bottoms. It specializes in cargo pants production and is one of the best in the country. The factory is run by modern Engineering methods to obtain the highest outcomes and offers customers better prices. The company has so far produced and exported goods for reputed customers like Kontoor (Lee & Wrangler), Gap, Target, Walmart, George’s, Bass Pro, Matalan, Pepco, Primark, Terranova, and so on.

Global Market of Cargo Pants/Trouser

During the twentieth century, cargo pants have gone from a traditional military uniform to a popular casual pant worn by almost every segment of the global consumer market. Since the 1970s, when hippies wore army surplus vintage styles as a sign of protesting the Vietnam War until today, cargo pants have undergone a considerable transformation, changing in fabrications and form market. North America is the primary market of Cargo Pant.

Product ranges of Arunima Group

Cargo Long, Cargo Shorts, Basic 5 Pkt, Overall, Union all Pajama set, T-shirt, polo shirt, Leggings, Ladies fashionable tops & all types of knit products.

Why is Arunima doing cargo and what is the technical method:

When the management decided to start the business, they did the feasibility study & considering market demand, they decided to produce cargo products. And infrastructure also developed accordingly.

Our facility is equipped with heavy machinery designed by engineering analysis & we have a well-experienced engineering team to run the production.

Buyers for Cargo pants and percentages:

I have considered here the year 2022 total order of Arunima Group. We do around 60% of Cargo (both long & short) in our facility. The rest is mostly basic 5 pkt.

Customer  Product Type  Total  Order Percentage 
Kontoor  Cargo Pant 1,212,017 31.47%
Cargo Short 2,043,897 53.06%
BassPro  Cargo Pant 235,848 6.12%
Cargo Short 257,736 6.69%
Geniemode  Cargo Pant 2,869 0.07%
Pepco Cargo Pant 99,470 2.58%
Grand Total     3,851,83


Future Plan of Arunima Group:

We plan to go on a big scale. In the next three years, we want-

  • Sustainability and eco-friendliness: Consumers are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of their purchasing choices and are demanding more sustainable and eco-friendly clothing options.
  • Automation and digitization: Advancements in automation and digitization are making it easier and more cost-effective to manufacture clothing at scale.
  • Personalization and customization: With the help of new technologies such as 3D printing and AI-powered design, it’s becoming possible to offer customized and personalized clothing options to consumers; double our knit production, and if possible produce knit greige fabric for our orders; as we already have the wash plant we want to add a bonded chemical warehouse so that we can import our chemical.
  • Local production: The trend towards local production is likely to continue, as consumers seek out clothing made closer to home to reduce carbon emissions and support local economies.

In product diversification, we got a plan to go for outwear, and probably footwear production.

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