Argon Denims is continuously working to diversify its product range with the latest innovations as per the market demand


Argon Denims Ltd was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on July 13, 2006, under the Companies Act 1994 to produce Denim Fabrics. The commercial operations of the company started in March 2008. The factory is situated at Sreepur, Gazipur. The Company mainly produces medium and premium range denim fabrics in various weights ranging from 4.5 oz to 13 Oz. Fabrics in 100% cotton, Cotton Stretch, Cotton Polyester, and Cotton Polyester Stretch are made in optics like Slub, Crosshatch, Mixed counts, and Regular with various weaves like Plain, Twill, Broken twill, and Herringbone offered in different finishes like preshrunk, flat, overdyed and coated. State-of-the-art water effluent treatment and sewage treatment plant ensure environment-friendly operations; Argon is accredited with Oeko-Tex and Organic Content Standard certificates. Advanced production equipment, strict quality control systems, robust sample development capability, and a well-established design and marketing network contribute to our growing reputation in this industry.

Shah Rayeed Chowdhury, Director, Evince Group

Argon Denims Ltd. is a concern of Evince Group, a leading manufacturer of garments and textiles in Bangladesh. Team Denim Focus had a conversation with Argon Denims Team regarding their current business strategy. Key points of the conversation are mentioned below for our readers-

Recent scenario of the global Denim Industry:

Denim is now more than a style staple; it is an essential commodity for his or her daily wear. Denim does not depend on seasons and being classified as a basic must-have fashion essential, the market for denim continues to grow steadily. With a growing population of the youth segment and people who are always on the go, the demand for denim product lines is converting into endless possibilities left to explore for manufacturers.

Latest innovation of Argon Denims on fabric diversification:

Argon Denims is continuously working to diversify its product range with the latest innovations as per the market demand. Diversification of products is driven by brand and market along with the season, fashion, and innovation of new materials. Based on these critical indicators Argon Denims diversifies its products. Lighter weight to heavyweight (3 Oz/Yd2 to 15 Oz/Yd2), clear twill line to flat twill line, salt and pepper look, high/low effect, lighter scrunch to heavy scrunch look, comfort stretch to super stretch for men, women and children, different types of design and finishing processes are introduced to diversify the products. New cotton-free product range with Tencel, Rayon, Refibra are also in our product range. ToughMax, CoolMax products were developed for seasonal changes in demand.

The waterless dyeing process has been introduced in our sustainable product range where 34% less water is consumed for dyeing than the usual consumption by our efficient Water Management and Monitoring.

Argon Denims commitment to Sustainability:

Argon Denims has started working for sustainability with its value chain suppliers and buyers, way before the word “sustainability” was even a popular topic of discussion. We are using BCI/Organic Cotton Yarn, Pre- and Post-consumer waste yarn with OCS (Organic Content Standard) and RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certification. We are using 100% Recycled Polyester yarn and 100% Recycled Elastane in our sustainable product range.

Argon Denims uses most of its chemicals that satisfy ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) level 2 and 3. Suppliers need to submit a compliant report of ZDHC regularly. Argon Denims is using BVE3 (Bureau Veritas Environmental Emission Evaluator) tool to upload all chemicals in use. Higg FEM (Higg facility environmental module 3.3), Higg FLSM (Higg Facility Labor and Social Module) are used to upload all performance data.

STEP by H&M (Environmental performance data uploading and validation by 3rd Party, BlueWin STS) and Green to Wear (GTW-2.1) of Inditex is followed by Argon Denim.

Other than the above DoE (Department of Environment) of Bangladesh Government and Environment parameter inspection & Pollution discharge analysis (EIA) by 3rd party are monitoring us.

Subsequently, Argon Denims has successfully reduced overall water consumption by 27% in the last 3 years, which was a massive achievement for our team.

Photo: Argon Denims Ltd. factor; denim products; central ETP at Argon Denims Ltd. factory; Argon Denims top management in annual sports event.

Argon Denim participation at the Bangladesh Denim Expo:

Our main focus in Denim Expo will be to present Argon Denims as a committed supplier of sustainable products. We are developing products with Texloop recycling yarn, Orbital Hybrid Yarn, recycle/regenerated and organic yarn with process sustainability by using less water with minimal energy. Using new technologies and concepts in products and processes, fabrics are developed to support the circular economy. Argon will present its product range to support the environment, society and economy.

Consideration of Bangladesh market and future plans:

Bangladesh will soon position itself as the primary source of denim product lines globally. The reason for making such a bold statement is because 55% of all fabric used for denim garments is sourced locally (made in Bangladesh) and this percentage is increasing day by day. This information is key because the future of our trade relies on shorter lead times; thus, the shorter the lead time, the brighter the future. As long as the necessary backward linkages are continually supporting the front ends, garments can be delivered within one month to five weeks’ time. All in all, the direction towards which the denim industry is steadily heading, will eventually occupy the same position that is currently being held by the knit industry in Bangladesh.

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