Together we ensure our industry will stand strong defying the pandemic


Globally we are passing a very hard time which was not observed in our life time ever. More or less every industry is suffering. Textile industry is the main earning source of Bangladesh economy and large portion of our population is directly involved in this industry. Textile Focus editor M A Islam Riyadh talked different businessman, stakeholders regarding their observation and planning during the pandemic situation. Key discussion points are mentioned individually-

Together we ensure our industry will stand strong defying the pandemic

Syed Mohammad Ismail, Country Head, Archroma (Bangladesh) Ltd.

ismailLasting of pandemic and enforcement of restrictions will hit hard our business and revenue also retail forecast is also not very positive. Sourcing gridlock will result in unfulfilled orders and delayed shipments. Taking this in consideration, we are working for a reliable, efficient and sustainable supply chain for our customers.

Problem always offers opportunity. We have figured out by now, the new ways of work using digital means. We are envisioning what opportunities our industry can drive, we believe in the need of optimizing the operational cost with enhanced productivity, reach efficiency at the level of benchmark markets. Here we are working in close cooperation with our customers.

I believe, It is time for managers to exert Return-on-Leadership. During this challenging time every function of our industry will encounter a profound change. We, as leaders, should not fear the speed of change, rather we should embrace an agenda of learning. We must show our ability of implementing successful business strategy. We need mind-set to innovate and to create value added products and services.  At Archroma, we believe in collaboration with our valuable partners in the industry for this value shift. Together we ensure our industry will stand strong defying the pandemic.



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