Levi’s and Heron Preston jointly introduced a set of new collection

A series of jackets with deliberate errors including the open and asymmetrical sleeve, upturn-down pocket coins, incorrect hardware, rough seams, transparent coverings and off-register resin prints is included in the collection named as ‘Mistakes are OK’ has been introduced by Levi’s and Heron Preston jointly.

The imperfections tell a rather heartfelt tale. While Preston was born in 1983, his birth certificate was read in 1873 by a clerical error. Even though the error has been celebrated since – one of his tattoos pays tribute to the error – imperfection became even more important when Levi’s employee figured out the consequences for 1873. The first-ever blue jeans have been copyrighted the same year.

The unselfish character has been the inspiration behind Preston and Levi’s lighthearted partnership in order to fix shortcomings in an otherwise perfectly ideal culture. Denim is a cloth that is often praised by denim heads for its flawed natural processes – the only thing that makes a pair of jeans used so special to the wearer is the distinctive whiskey and wearing marks.

The new collection consists of four Levi-trucker jackets for men and women as well as 501 Levi-jackets for men and women in indigo, fox and black. The pieces bear the orange signature tags of the Preston and the red tabs of Levi and the graphical type CTNMb written in the designs of Preston. The set is exclusively available on the Levi’s app from September 14.