Denim waste upcycling firm introduced Lace from Recycled Jeans


Denim waste upcycling firm DenimX, in collaboration with other enterprises from the Dutch region of Limburg, has produced ‘Laces with a Story’ — laces fashioned from recycled jeans.

According to Inside Denim, Emma Safety Footwear will be the first to employ laces. Eurocarbon, a company that creates woven reinforcements, Paperwise, a company that makes paper from waste, and Rd4 Textile Sorting Center are all collaborating in the initiative.

“All firms who have contributed to the creation of this lace are participating in the circular economy,” stated Marc Meijers, creator of DenimX. “We save important materials (trash) from ending up in a landfill or incinerator.” The act of tying laces is connected with establishing a strong bond. The partnership is an excellent example of how we will have to function in the future to achieve the transition to a circular economy.”

Swedish workwear manufacturer Emma’s owner, Hultafors Group, would subsequently employ the laces in its other brands.

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