Advance Denim opened sustainable denim plant in Vietnam


Advance Denim’s newest production plant in Vietnam is environmentally friendly. The Chinese denim maker intends to provide clients in Vietnam with not just the most creative denim styles, but also sustainable advancements.

When utilizing traditional liquid indigo, for example, Big Box dyeing saves up to 95% of the water required in conventional dyeing. It is the first mill in Vietnam to employ Archroma’s aniline-free indigo, which is a cleaner, safer alternative to the carcinogenic chemical aniline. BioBlue indigo was then introduced to Advance Denim’s dye spectrum in Vietnam, resulting in a clean indigo that does not generate toxic waste that is hazardous to the environment. By removing the highly combustible and unstable chemical sodium hydrosulfite from the workplace, BioBlue indigo also makes it a safer place to work.

The factory is in Nha Trang, a popular tourist destination. Advance Denim felt compelled to safeguard the environment, so they developed a cutting-edge reverse osmosis water purification system that successfully removes leftover indigo and dangerous contaminants. This technique produces water that is over 50% cleaner than the national chemical oxygen demand requirement. This also allows the company to recycle over 40% of the water utilized during the production process.


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